1. Options For Paving Your Driveway

    When it comes to curb appeal, most of us automatically think about a green lawn, a well-maintained home exterior, and a solid fence, but an old or unpaved driveway can be just as detrimental to your home’s curb appeal as dead grass or peeling paint. If your home’s exterior could use a boost, consider paving or repaving your driveway. While concrete is a versatile and long-lasting paving materi…Read More

  2. Choosing the Best Location for Your Home Addition Project Part Two

    Have you had to sacrifice your office, study, or library for a child’s bedroom? Are you tired of trying to make a small kitchen work for your growing family? Are your children becoming too old to comfortably share a room together? A home addition is a cost-effective solution to many problems such as these. In part one of this post, we looked at a couple of things to consider when choosing a loca…Read More

  3. Choosing the Best Location for Your Home Addition Project Part One

    Homeowners decide to add onto their homes for a variety of reasons. A small kitchen can become impractical for a growing family; spaces like offices, libraries, and studies are often sacrificed when a couple becomes pregnant and needs a nursery; and some homeowners even build entire apartment additions in order to house in-laws or rent-paying tenants. Whatever’s motivating your home addition pro…Read More

  4. I noticed on your website that you offer a maintenance program for homeowners. I’m fairly interested, but need to know if you can also maintain and/or check items that might not be on your regular list.

    Absolutely. We know that every home may have unique maintenance needs. So we are more than happy to create a custom plan just for you.…Read More

  5. What months are a good time to paint outside?

    With the weather the way it is here in Chicago, it’s all based on Temperature not the specific month. As long as air temperatures and surface temperatures stay at or above 50 degrees your painting project will be a successful one. Some newer products can be safely used down to 35 degrees. The other thing to take into consideration is day and night temps. If the night time temps are much cooler t…Read More

  6. I really want to paint the interior of my home, but I am concerned about the odor. Should I wait until late spring or summer to have this done so I can open the windows?

    If paint odor is your concern there are options. Most high end paints have low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and there are low or no odor paints. As a result, you can paint the interior of your home at any time of year without the discomfort of fumes or odor. You may even get a better price by booking in the cooler months, because most painters have a lot of exterior paint projects in…Read More

  7. I’m interested in your home maintenance plan, but I need to know if your workers are licensed?

    If the repair item(s) requires a licensed professional as in an electrician, plumber or roofer etc., we absolutely make sure the professional is licensed in the state of Illinois. In addition, all employees (and sub-contracted employees) of Home Services Direct entering your home go through an extensive background check and drug screening…Read More

  8. I was grabbing some cleaning supplies from under my sink when I had noticed there was water damage. Should I be concerned about mold? Also, how can I prevent this from happening again?

    Homeowner: 1. We offer mold tests and mold remediation if mold is present. 2. We will assess where the water is coming from and repair as needed (replace supply valves and/or supply lines, replace p-trap and/or drain lines, caulk all wet areas around the sink.) 3. If the base of the cabinet is damaged, we can replace it and match the color as close as possible.…Read More

  9. What can be done to fix a running toilet?

    If you hear your toilet fill with water every couple of minutes, but no one has used the toilet you may need a new flush kit. This is a simple fix. We will replace the flush kit and flapper in the tank of the toilet. The toilet runs every couple of minutes because: instead of flushing the toilet and all the water draining out of the tank, the flush kit is allowing water to slowly leak out. The toi…Read More