As the fall season approaches we turn our focus to the inside of our homes. Maybe you have been talking about doing it for years now or maybe this will spark an idea, either way now is the perfect time to start thinking about turning your dark cluttered basement into a comfortable and functional space your family and guests will enjoy for years to come.  If it’s the ultimate basement with all the works or just a simple basement renovation, transforming your space gives you the opportunity to create an area to fit your family’s needs for today as well as the future.

Your new space can be your playroom, game room, media room, home bar, family room, storage space, or all of the above.  Although finishing your basement is a large investment, it provides you with additional finished square footage in your home without adding on additional space so it can be done more economically than trying to ad space with an addition.  Finishing your basement will also increase the overall value of your home when it comes time to sell as it will appeal to more buyers and lead to a higher market price.

Home Services Directs standard of excellence is present in every remodeling project we complete. There are special design considerations to address when remodeling a basement area such as ventilation, heating, moisture prevention and lighting just to name a few. The idea is to create a space that is warm and inviting; a space you will want to use all year round.  Since most basements are below grade it requires unique attention to planning and detail to provide maximum comfort and carefree living.  We at Home Services Direct have the team in place to help with all those details to make this space a place your family will gather for years to come.

Besement BeforeBasement After