It’s no secret that renovation TV is popular right now. One need only look at HGTV’s previous ratings for proof: In the last quarter of 2013, it was the second most-watched channel on weekend cable programming among viewers aged 25 to 54, beaten only by ESPN. Between 2012 and 2013, the channel gained 8% more primetime viewers.  It’s evident that HGTV and others like it have some serious appeal.  With this surge of renovation shows, home owners have found the confidence to tackle remodeling projects on their own.

DIY home improvements can definitely be very rewarding; both in terms of saving money and the massive sense of accomplishment you’ll feel as you turn your living space into your dream home.  That being said, even professionals in the construction industry know from past experiences that not all jobs go as planned.

Time constraints are always a big factor when it comes to a remodeling project.  Nothing will get you more grief from your “significant other” than being without a kitchen or bathroom for more than a couple weeks.  While a project might seem it will be quick and painless, it’s hard to finish in a timely manner when the only free time you have is after work and/or the weekends.  Permitted work is another item that can stop your project dead in its tracks.  If your project requires a permit through your village and no permit has been acquired, you’re at risk of a “stop-work order” and possible fines.  To obtain a permit, certain items may require a licensed tradesman to complete the work.

It can also be an expensive endeavor to buy all the tools & equipment to finish your project.  Buying a tile saw for several hundred dollars can be unnecessary if you’ll only use once or twice in your lifetime.  Even with the proper tools and knowledge, some tasks at a project may be outside your DIY abilities.

When your project goes south…or doesn’t go at all, our DIY Assist Program is there to turn that nightmare back into the dream it once was.  Our program will provide highly trained, skilled tradesmen with all the tools necessary to complete any job of any size.  You provide the materials, we’ll provide the assistance.  We work with you side-by-side to see your task as far as you need us to.  Doing it the DIY Assist way can save you thousands of dollars on many projects including kitchen and bath remodels, basement finishing, even additions.  We can even help with the design, permitting and overall construction management of bigger jobs.

Carpentry, tile work, drywall hanging & finishing, windows & siding, cabinetry & trim, and flooring are just some of the items that our qualified tradesmen can help with on your project.

If your project has stalled, give Home Services Direct a call!  We’ll gladly walk you through the process, explain our set rate pricing, and get you on the way to finishing the vision that you started with.

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By: Ryan Faborito