Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who seems to have everything? They are the most difficult to shop for! You rack your brain trying to do better than last year or try to bring them some surprise and excitement! I have the perfect solution…. The gift of the sun!!! I’m talking about giving the perfect gift of a Solatube Daylighting Device installed in that room in the house they may call the dungeon. I can guarantee to you that this would a first for them and talked about for years to come.

Why give a Solatube Daylighting Device as a gift? Several noteworthy reasons besides their eyes lighting up with excitement and awe!!
#1 Energy Savings and Money

You won’t need to turn a light on in that space anytime during the day. The Solatube device can put out as much as 8193 lumens for the 290DS (14”) and 4086 lumens for the 160DS (10”). Trust me there will be more than enough light in that space. Guests in your home will often look for the light switch to turn off the light when it’s just the natural daylight coming in. Perhaps their hallway is dimly lit. With the natural light pouring in from the Solatube device there is no need to flip the light switch on during the day. Even on cloudy days there is ample amount of light coming in to brighten up that space.

#2 Health and Wellness
There are so many benefits to the sun. Mind, body, and spirit all thrive with it. Spending time in a room or an area with natural sunlight pouring in always does your spirit good. Studies have proven that natural daylight boots your body’s serotonin which helps with retention, memory, and moods. You can justify the gift of a Solatube for these attributes alone!

#3 Less Maintenance
No more bulbs that burn out! With the natural light there is no longer a need to run out and get replacement bulbs. No more dragging your gigantic ladder in from the garage to replace a burned out light bulb. This has a huge impact for the elderly. It certainly decreases the risk of falls!

#4 Adds Character to the home
You can’t argue the fact that this adds a “wow” factor to your home! I’ve seen neighbor’s come over to a house that had a newly installed Solatube in and their jaw literally drops. It’s just not something that you see in most homes and adds a conversation piece now to your home. Wait until the moon is out and it brings the moon shine into that space; beautiful. Or a thunderstorm and you see the reflections of the lightning; it’s incredible!
#5 Just because no one else has done this!!

Some take pride in giving the most unique gift… This is one of them! I can guarantee to you that the recipient will be so surprised. It’s a gift that wears out in a year, or shrinks over time. The natural sunlight in their home will provide years of enjoyment! We can work with you to install this at a time when the gift recipient is not home. It only takes two hours so we can get it in and be out all while they are running errands on a Saturday. Give us a call you won’t be disappointed!!

By: Katy Radcliff