Design trends just like fashion will come and go.  Trends will fluctuate in and out every 20 years or so which can be advantageous to those remodeling.  The current design trends coming back into style for 2016 are from the 1990’s.  We at HSD see a lot of 1990 homes being remodeled so if budget is a concern we can still utilize some of the trends below with a more modern look to create your new space in any room.

  • Wallpaper

Some of you may be cringing at the idea of wallpaper; however, think of the more modern patterns and new techniques for installing.  The new wallpaper patterns can create a dynamic space will adding some texture to the space.  This takes the place of any faux paint or painted accent walls.  Below are a couple images showing the up to date designs.

Sandy1 Sandy2 Sandy3


  • Carpet

Most clients are still opting for low maintenance flooring or hardwood floors but keep in mind if you have wall to wall carpet you may want to consider keeping it.  This applies to high end or mid-range carpet in a neutral color that is in good shape.  Why add hardwood with an accent rug when all you will need to do is add modern accents with pops of color along with updating your furniture to create your new space as seen below.  Plus keep in mind the soft feeling of plush carpet on your feet as you cannot get that feeling with porcelain tile or hardwood floors.

Sandy4 Sandy5



  • Lighter Wood Floors

If you have existing wood floors or opt for new wood floors most may be thinking dark which is still trending.  You can also go to the opposite end of the spectrum and go light which is a trend just catching wind.  The dark cocoa wood floors give the space a nice warm feeling to it but can be a bear to keep clean.  Those looking for a new look and low maintenance should opt for the lighter wood floors while adding accents in your space with darker hues and patterns to offset the stark contrast.

Sandy 8 Sandy 6 Sandy6 Sandy7


  • White Kitchens

We all know white kitchens have been trending for some time now but did anyone know it stemmed from the 1990’s.  This included all white appliances as well but stainless steel is an alternative option that is still current.  We will continue to see the nice clean white kitchens trend for some time along with off-white/crème kitchens.  Adding in modern or contemporary accents with furniture, lighting and décor will bring the space to life as shown in the images below.

Sandy9 Sandy10


  • New Farmhouse Style

The 90’s were known for country accents which included the farmhouse style design (i.e. farmhouse sinks, reclaimed wood beams).  The new farmhouse style is considered an update from this style while using only a few country-style accents with a minimalist background.  It’s a clean, simple updated look from the 90’s that doesn’t include the over the top country style we saw back then.

Sandy13 Sandy12 Sandy14



  • Brass Finish

The brass finish on hardware, fixtures and other accents is not the polished brass we think of from the 1990’s.  It has more of a toned down matte look to the finish with current modern shapes/styles that add a modern or contemporary style to the space.  For those of you who are tired of brushed nickel and even oil rubbed bronze, the new brass finish gives the space a more neutral yet classy feel in small doses.  The images below showcase two opposite looks you can create using this finish.

Sandy16 Sandy15


  • Blue & White Accents

We are all familiar with the blue and white décor that took over the decade.  We have and are continually seeing the blue and white trend coming back in small doses which mainly consist of décor and accent pieces.  Adding in these accents create a beautiful classic palette while keeping the rest of the neutral with either a traditional or minimalist design.

Sandy18 Sandy17


  • Japanese Inspiration

Think zen and think minimalist when thinking of Japanese style décor.  This style is similar to blue and white in that you only want to add a few features in as accents rather than over cluttering or over powering the space with this style.  Less is more when it comes to this style.

Sandy20 Sandy19


  • Beige & White

This color scheme also goes with the minimalist design style.  Even though gray is the “new neutral”, beige has a warmer tone and seems to be making its way back fairly quickly.  Picking the right beige/white color combination typically creates a beautiful yet elegant space.  Adding in accent colors or other 90’s trends mentioned above brings the space together nicely.


Sandy22 Sandy23

  • Pastels

One other 90’s color scheme coming back from the 90’s are pastels.  The pastel of 2016 will be lighter and more neutral in color in order to maintain an elegant look and feel for the space.  These colors, like the blue and white scheme are only used as accents rather than taking up the whole room.  The whole room can be beige and white while adding in pops of the pastel colors.

Sandy24 Sandy25


By: Sandy Dicus