Have you had to sacrifice your office, study, or library for a child’s bedroom? Are you tired of trying to make a small kitchen work for your growing family? Are your children becoming too old to comfortably share a room together? A home addition is a cost-effective solution to many problems such as these. In part one of this post, we looked at a couple of things to consider when choosing a location for your addition. Now, let’s look at a couple more:

Nature And Weather

Some people prefer east-facing bedrooms because they are brightest in the morning, making it easy to wake up with the sun. Others prefer west-facing bedrooms as to not be disturbed by the sun’s schedule. What direction your addition will face will depend on what use you want to make of the space and your own personal preferences. You should also consider any possible drainage issues with the location you’re looking at to avoid future flooding.

Heating And Cooling

Before committing to a home addition project, you’ll need to ensure that your current HVAC system is capable of heating and cooling the extra space. Many homeowners fail to account for the possible expense of an updated HVAC system when budgeting for an addition. You can avoid this costly surprise by having a professional inspect your system. Professionals can also advise you on how best to incorporate the new space with the existing ductwork.

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