People cry for a multitude of reasons, but did you know that the first tear can tell why you’re crying? Thanks to long hours in the lab, scientists have figured out the first tear you cry has a story all its own. If your first tear comes from the right eye, those are tears for happiness. If the tear comes from the left eye first, those are tears from pain and/or sadness. What if you tears start from both eyes at the same time? Those are tears of frustration. Men, start paying close attention when your wife or girlfriend starts to cry. This will give you clear insight on why she cries every time she walks in to your kitchen or bathroom.

There are many reasons why we tear up or cry. Some of these I wonder if those smart scientists studied…

The birth of a child, not having kids myself, I can only assume these are happy tears (thank you right eye). I also assume that is only after the tears for frustration on the long hours of labor and pain before the epidural takes effect.

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Weddings, I am pretty sure there are all types of tears on wedding days. Best example is the father of the bride, tears of happiness because his little girl is happy, then he gets the bill. There are five girls (no boys) in my family. My dad cried all types of tears at our weddings. He was realizing his little girls were all grown up (sad tears), we were happy and in love with a great man (happy tears), and then the realization that he would never be able to retire (frustration tears…just kidding).  My dad was a smart man and told all of us girls he was not paying for our weddings, but would contribute the same amount with increase due to cost of living. Those last tears were not from frustration, but tears of great joy because he knew he could finally retire when the youngest got married.

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Cutting onions or even strong garlic can cause the tears to start flowing and it is not from the hard work of making that fabulous meal. To prevent or cut back on the tear product wear glasses (sunglasses if you want to look cool). The glasses make it harder for the fuses or smell to reach your eyes. A side note: to get rid of the onion or garlic smell on your fingers that the soap just can’t cut through, rub your fingers on stainless steel (sink faucet works great).


Spilt milk…you should cry over this one. Grabs some paper towels or kittens. The kittens are my pick. They are cute and always make you feel good.
Sarah 4Cutting your finger with a sharp knife (darn those left eye tears)!

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The sound of the smoke alarm because you burned that special meal. Don’t worry, the great take-out or delivery place is only a phone call away and now you have a story that will make you laugh till you cry (from left to right eye tears…science is awesome). If you’re single and live in an apartment building, that burnt meal could be your match maker. Maybe the fire department will come to your rescue.

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Crocodile tears, you know what I’m talking about, the tears some of us women cry when we get pulled over, or when you are truly trying to convince your spouse that you need a new ktichen. That’s right fake tears. Side note…crocodiles can’t cry. That’s why fake tears are called crocodile tears.

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When you walk into your kitchen the 1st tear falls from the left eye or both eyes because you hate your kitchen. Is your kitchen retro in all the wrong ways or the layout doesn’t work for you anymore? Maybe you bought the house with the plans of raising a family. Now you have the family of 3 boys and you need space for more food. Times and families change, so should your kitchen. Home Services Direct can make those changes; your dreams come true, and stop the tear from falling from the left or both eyes first.

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Home Services Direct has a full team who will make your kitchen into everything you want. We take your dreams and turn them into reality. We can take your existing kitchen and remodel it from top to bottom, from start to finish. You want tears of joy (right eye first tears), but that mean starting with a clean slate…Home Services Direct will make it happen. Check out our website, , to see before and after photos. No kitchen projects are too big or too small. Our commitment to you is to build the kitchen of your dreams.

Call us to see what we can do for you. We have a great sales and design team waiting to make you cry…that first tear will fall from the right eye.

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By: Sarah Maynes