• Multipurpose Furniture & Rooms

If you are struggling for space, looking at multipurpose furniture like day beds or Murphy Beds are just one example on how to achieve more space.  You create more space while keeping it functional.  Combining rooms also helps achieve additional space and/or rooms especially in small apartments or studios.  You can eat, sleep and hang out all in one space as seen below.

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  • Skylights

Adding in natural daylight lightens and brightens the space without adding low hanging ceiling fixtures.  Not only does this add a nice design element it makes narrow room feel larger by opening the space to the outside rather than feeling closed in.  The sleek clean lines in combination with the windows make the narrow kitchen below feel larger than it really is.

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  • Minimal Design

Simple, clean lines and forms work best in a small space.  Avoid clutter and items kept out should be to a minimum or at the very least organized.  Nothing buries a space more than clutter and a busy design.  The room will feel bigger without any added “busy” elements in the space so less is always more in these spaces.

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  • Mirror Trick

This old trick has been around forever.  Mirrors will always make a space feel bigger by adding depth and reflecting light. Add a few to your space to enhance your room size and style but think outside the box when you create your mirror wall.  Don’t add just one, create your own collage of mirrors.

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  • Secret Storage

Everyone always needs more storage.   Finding new hidden areas to maximize your storage options is key.  Drawers underneath the stairs and in the stairs themselves are great hidden areas; however, adding storage up high and/or toe kick drawers are old favorites still in use.

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  • Open Floor Plan

Try to keep your plan as open as possible and avoid over cluttering with furniture.  Think vertical rather than horizontal.  Built-ins offer a nice option and keep the center open to create a space that feels larger than what it really is.  The higher you can go to the ceiling the more open your space will feel.

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  • Texture & Color

Don’t be afraid to add texture and color in your space.  White will make the space look bigger; however, dark floors and dark semi-gloss walls will also have the same affect when paired with the right décor.  Pops of color and texture used minimally will add a nice contrast to the space but not overwhelm the space entirely.

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Working diligently with home remodels, we at HSD run into all types of spaces and requests to make the space functional.  Sometimes you are locked into a floor plan that does not leave much room to change the layout or redesign the entire space.  This is where we come in to reinvent your home into a newly remodeled functional space with the key elements above and outside the box creative thinking.

By: Sandy Dicus