Spring has finally arrived.  The sun is out it’s getting warmer and we feel our energy and motivation getting stronger.  We’ve made it through yet another Chicago winter and feel we’ve won the battle once again.

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Spring cleanup has begun with our yard and shrubs.  Flowers and bushes are in bloom, and all the signs of spring are here to stay!

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Home improvement projects get listed out as we plan what we can do to the interior spaces we’ve spent so much time in the past few months.

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You may have that one room that has been bothering you for some time.  That dark and dreary room that you hate to go in but it’s a part of your home, your space, your everyday life.  Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is to change the curtains, or the lighting to create some light.  Some may plan to paint it a lighter color to offset the dark shadows that rest on the walls.

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This year may be the year that you paint your room bright!  I’m not talking about hot pink or a tangerine orange color.  I’m talking about a Solatube Daylighting Device!

One person compared her living room to an Egyptian pyramid on the inside.  Very dark and cave like.

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She wanted to bring in the natural light in several spaces on her ceiling to change the effect the room has on her.  Her mood was always depressing when she spent time in this space and it happened to be her favorite room if not for the dark undertones that it carried with it.

She tried repainting it a simple off white to brighten it up.  She changed her curtains and throw pillows to add a lighter texture to the space.  All efforts went unnoticed and she still felt the same when she spent any time in that space which was daily.  She was ready to move until she thought of adding a Solatube to this room.

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The transformation was nothing she could compare it to.  With the first installed tube she could see this room begin to transform in to a much lighter space she wanted to be in.  She installed two more and the room took on a whole new appearance.  Her neighbors and friends couldn’t believe the transformation of this space.

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This year instead of trying the traditional home improvements such as paint and decorative changes, try thinking about a permanent solution to your light problem.  Paint your room with light!


By : Katy Radcliff