Vintage Comeback

Another big trend hitting 2016 is mixing vintage with modern/contemporary decor to create an eclectic, worldly and uniquely personal look.  Lots of clients are looking to add a touch of vintage to their newly remodeled project at Home Services Direct with furniture, finishes and/or color.  Design is always in the details and adding accent pieces to keep up with the trends is a great way to start.  See below for the latest vintage trends!

  • Being Posh and Comfy

Those looking for a chic living room can add comfort with sofas and other comfortable living room furniture.  Accent the comfort with luxurious faux fur throws and pillows to combine the posh and comfy look.sandy1sandy2sandy3sandy4


  •  Combine Light with Heavy

Using an inspirational photo to capture the look you are going for?  Try replacing a couple of those items with vintage looks that adds some contrast to the space.  Pick your favorite vintage piece to design around as this also adds a classic timeless look to the space.sandy5sandy6


  • Mirrors are Key

We have mentioned previously designing with mirrors can be more fun than just hanging one on the wall.  Try an assortment of mirrors that will create a dynamic space in addition to adding that vintage style and feel for the room.sandy7sandy8


  • Dynamic Lighting

You have a million and one options with lighting.  Try adding something that feels spontaneous to the room to see how your look can be brought together and/or stand out as an accent piece on its own.  With all the vintage lighting options out there, you can really add a lot of character to the room.sandy9sandy10sandy11


  • Storage with Style

Who doesn’t love the old vintage wooden furniture, chests or cabinets.  Adding just one of these elements to the space nails the vintage is the new modern trend.  The current updated vintage storage options seen below show this.  And, don’t forget about the walls.  Built-in bookcases can have a natural vintage feel to them all while you surround yourself with modern pieces.sandy12sandy13sandy14


  • Work with Elegance

Don’t forget about those vintage desks.  Adding a few accents pieces and modern furniture to complete your new office look is all you need. sandy15sandy16sandy17


  • Memories Stylized

Hanging photos of great memories on the wall are found in most homes.  Make it vintage by using old vintage frames and use the same concept as the mirrors.  Different sizes and finishes are key here to completing your photo memory collage.sandy18sandy19


  • Antiques with a Flair

Remember the over-sized large wall clocks.  Try adding vintage clocks to a space but just a tad smaller so it doesn’t over power a space.  Other vintage accent pieces can be added to the built-in bookshelves with vases, smaller photos and even bookends if you have open shelving.sandy20sandy21sandy22


BY: Sandy Dicus