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When you are planning on selling your house, there are several home improvements to consider that can give a big return on your investment.  Having these small improvements will help sell your house quickly and at your asking price.  Remember, the whole package is far more valuable than the sum of its parts.

1. Paint – One of the simplest and least expensive ways to get your home ready to sell is a fresh coat of paint, on the interior and even the exterior.  Be sure to choose neutral colors, bold colors can be a turnoff to prospective buyers.

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2. Kitchens – If a full kitchen remodel is out of your budget, there are some upgrades that are affordable and can have a huge impact.  Refacing or resurfacing can give a new look to those outdated cabinets.  Updating the counter-tops and cabinet hardware are great investments also!  Installing new stainless steel appliances to replace those old appliances can be an upgrade that will add to that “wow” factor.

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3. Bathrooms – Just like kitchens, bathrooms are one of those rooms that buyers will be closely looking at.  Upgrading the vanity, counter tops and fixtures are affordable upgrades that make a big difference.  If it’s within your budget, upgrading that older tile or installing a new frame-less glass shower enclosure are items that can leave a lasting impression on the buyer.


4. Flooring – Installing new or refinishing existing hardwood floors is a great investment and adds to the appeal of the home.  Try to limit carpet to the bedrooms, and when replacing your worn-out & stained carpet, be sure to go with a neutral color.

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5. First Impressions – You want to make sure that the buyers are not turned away immediately upon walking up to your house.  A new front door, exterior light, house numbers and mail box are some affordable upgrades that help give the exterior of your house a face lift.


6. Details – Be sure to have your house cleaned top to bottom.  Fixtures and counter-tops should be bright and shiny.  Walls, trim, and ceiling fans should be cobweb & dust free.  Don’t forget the windows; cleaning the windows can make a big difference in the amount of light that comes into your home!  Adding a new interior door mat at the main entry will provide the buyers with an area to remove their shoes and will limit the amount of dirt that is brought into the home.

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7. Finally, do not neglect scent!  If your nose is used to it, ask a friend who will tell you what the home smells like upon entering.  Put an air freshener on each level of the house to add to the level of cleanliness.

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By: Ryan Faborito