1. Candles

Create the right type of ambience for your holiday parties this year.  Lights on dimmers are the best along with your white Christmas lights; however, candles (regular or flameless) can be used to create a nice natural glow amoung the holiday décor.  Frameless candles can be operated by remote controls these days and come in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from.  If you have a fireplace, be sure to light that as well!
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  1. Mason Jars

Not only are mason jars good for storing food but using them for any type of décor works fabulous.  Christmas accents, lights, candles and many other elements can create nice accent pieces and/or dynamic center pieces for your table.

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  1. Burlap

Keeping some elements vintage, burlap has made a fierce comeback from stockings to ornaments to accent pieces.  Try to implement this natural material into your décor based on the images below.  This creates a nice warm, neutral undertone leaving your color palette wide open for bursts of color here and there.


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  1. Natural Elements

Pine cones, greenery accents and white birch are all nice simple elegant elements to add to your space.  These can be incorporated on a fireplace mantel, table setting and through-out the house to create a nice warm feel and look to your holiday décor!


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  1. Centerpiece/Table settings

Every host wants to hear how festive and elegant their centerpiece and table settings are.  Keeping a strong theme throughout is important.  And, more often than not, keeping a somewhat neutral theme with your dinnerware allows you to create more dynamic, beautiful décor pieces.  The centerpiece will be the focal point so make sure that pulls the entire table together.  Good news is sometimes these accessories are scented which is even better when creating your winter wonderland!

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By: Sandy Dicus