Lots of us think of buying new items to replace new with the old; however, you can save money and repurpose an old item.  Even if you do not have the tools necessary to do so you can find someone local like us to repurpose your old dresser or vanity to any other household item.  Need fresh new ideas check us out on social media to revamp your place.

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Thinking about saving on energy costs?  Look into a quick fix and having solar panels installed on your roof.  Being a consumer where your electric rates are continuously going up one can see the costs saving benefits with solar panels.  Not only do you have cost savings energy wise with long term savings proven but you increase the value of your home.

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We all love natural light so any chance you can have windows bring in natural lighting is the best way to minimize electrical costs as well.  If you are in an existing space or need to bring in more natural light, we offer Solatubes that can help with that.  Living in Chicago we will take all the natural lighting we can get.  Please check out our new product at http://chicagoskylightpros.com for a free quote!


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Painting is one of the quickest and fastest ways to change the look and feel of your space.  Opt for a Low-VOC paint to help minimize the chemicals in the air.  You can never go wrong with brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore as they have a fantastic array of colors in addition to Low-VOC options.



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When remodeling your space whether it be an interior space from your kitchen or bathroom, to an exterior option like windows, you can opt for materials that are certified green and environmentally safe.  You have all types of resources to reference this information including U.S. Green Building Council http://www.usgbc.org/.  Some of the recent green materials we have been working with are Low-VOC paints and flooring, Low-E Argon windows, Solatubes and Low-NRC ceiling grid tiles to mention a few.  Call us to install your green materials today http://www.homeservicesdirect.com/contact-us/.

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By: Sandy Dicus