1. Fire pits: Staying Warm During the end of Summer Nights

    As summer starts to dwindle down and autumn approaches, the thought of sitting under the stars next to my fire pit slowly starts to fill my mind.  Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than sitting with friends and family, shooting the breeze, and keeping warm next to a roaring fire. Depending on your budget, there is a fire pit for everyone.  Most home and garden stores carry a standard port…Read More

  2. Stairway to heaven

    If you are like me, you are always looking for different ways to leave your “mark” on your home.  When guests enter your home you want them to know and feel your personality from the time they arrive until the time they leave.  One way to do this might be to Jazz up that staircase.  Sure you can go with your traditional carpet, oak treads with oak risers, or oak treads with white painted ri…Read More

  3. Increase the Functionality of Your Solatube Daylighting Device

    If you own a Solatube Daylighting Device you already know what a difference it can make to your home.  That bathroom that you tried to make brighter for years with different pallets of paint colors is now brilliant with the natural light coming in.  You are likely in the habit of trying to turn off the light when you leave that room! Did you know that you can add a few features to your existing …Read More

  4. Home Selling Season

    Down my street there are currently 3 houses for sale, all within a 1 block radius of each other.  Needless to say, that creates competition and somebody is going to end up sitting on their property a lot longer than they want to.  The problem is that 2 of the houses have done nothing to prepare their home for sale while the 3rd has been working diligently all spring to get his house ready to put…Read More

  5. Let The Light Shine In: Daylighting Systems

    Are you “SAD”?  Guess what? You’re not alone.  More than a half a million Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder otherwise known as the “winter blues”. This time of year we band together as Midwesterner’s counting the days until spring.  We’ve spent the past several months cooped up or having cabin fever.  During these colder, darker days, some may begin to experience …Read More

  6. Home Improvement Projects: PRO’S vs. DIYers

    Viewing the finished product of a home remodel, designed and built by professionals is inspiring, exciting, and delivers the best transformation of spaces. But it’s far from an easy process, as even an expert re-modeler will tell you. While one of the most compelling reasons behind D.I.Y. remodeling is the cost savings, there are many benefits to hiring a professional for your home renovation pr…Read More

  7. Remodeling: Design Tools

    Long ago are the days we used manual drafting tools.  This is not a lost art yet; however, most try to create designs efficiently by using computer programs.  Now with a click of the mouse, you can create not only a space plan but also a 3D rendering in a matter of hours versus days.  Technology plays a big role in the improvement of time which makes design presentations a much smoother process…Read More

  8. Home Improvement: Confidence in your Contractor

      I recently came across this advertisement for a construction company from a newspaper from May 4, 1921. The ad reads as follows; Confidence in your contractor, your home is what your contractor makes it. His ability and experience is directly reflected in its beauty, its construction, its permanence. For many years we have built beautiful homes which surpass even the owners’ expectations.…Read More

  9. Bathrooms 2016: 9 Exciting ideas to think about when designing your new bathroom!

    It is always fun to start the process of looking at different websites, talking to friends, and going to the various home stores to start putting together a plan for redoing your bathroom.  You will soon discover that there are far more options out there than you even realize and all of the information can soon become overwhelming.  Honestly, there are just too many choices.   Fortunately, …Read More

  10. ‘Tis The Season: Top Five Must Haves

    Candles Create the right type of ambience for your holiday parties this year.  Lights on dimmers are the best along with your white Christmas lights; however, candles (regular or flameless) can be used to create a nice natural glow amoung the holiday décor.  Frameless candles can be operated by remote controls these days and come in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from.  If you have a f…Read More