1. Remodeling: Change Orders Need Not be Feared

    For homeowners who haven’t lived through a remodeling project but who have heard their neighbors and friends’ horror stories, the term “change order” has a pretty lousy connotation, right up there with “no-show contractor” and “limited warranty.”  But these documents, which record changes in the contract between the client and the contractor, need not be feared. To be honest, a re…Read More

  2. I noticed on your website that you offer a maintenance program for homeowners. I’m fairly interested, but need to know if you can also maintain and/or check items that might not be on your regular list.

    Absolutely. We know that every home may have unique maintenance needs. So we are more than happy to create a custom plan just for you.…Read More

  3. I really want to paint the interior of my home, but I am concerned about the odor. Should I wait until late spring or summer to have this done so I can open the windows?

    If paint odor is your concern there are options. Most high end paints have low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and there are low or no odor paints. As a result, you can paint the interior of your home at any time of year without the discomfort of fumes or odor. You may even get a better price by booking in the cooler months, because most painters have a lot of exterior paint projects in…Read More

  4. I’m interested in your home maintenance plan, but I need to know if your workers are licensed?

    If the repair item(s) requires a licensed professional as in an electrician, plumber or roofer etc., we absolutely make sure the professional is licensed in the state of Illinois. In addition, all employees (and sub-contracted employees) of Home Services Direct entering your home go through an extensive background check and drug screening…Read More

  5. I was grabbing some cleaning supplies from under my sink when I had noticed there was water damage. Should I be concerned about mold? Also, how can I prevent this from happening again?

    Homeowner: 1. We offer mold tests and mold remediation if mold is present. 2. We will assess where the water is coming from and repair as needed (replace supply valves and/or supply lines, replace p-trap and/or drain lines, caulk all wet areas around the sink.) 3. If the base of the cabinet is damaged, we can replace it and match the color as close as possible.…Read More

  6. What can be done to fix a running toilet?

    If you hear your toilet fill with water every couple of minutes, but no one has used the toilet you may need a new flush kit. This is a simple fix. We will replace the flush kit and flapper in the tank of the toilet. The toilet runs every couple of minutes because: instead of flushing the toilet and all the water draining out of the tank, the flush kit is allowing water to slowly leak out. The toi…Read More

  7. My husband and I typically flee the Chicago area for warmer weather from January to March. Is it necessary to winterize our home?

    We highly recommend that a property left unattended for any length of time in frigid climate be winterized to prevent damage to your property. All it takes is for your furnace to go out for a day during the winter months to cause your plumbing lines to freeze and burst. Preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Your home is one of your greatest assets, please cont…Read More

  8. I have a downstairs office that I’d like to convert to a bedroom, can I just hire a handyman to build the closet?

    While Home Services Direct does have handymen, this project requires more than just a handyman. Not only does adding the closet now require a permit, there must be at least one regulation sized window that Home Services Direct will calculate and permit for you. Any time you convert a room into a bedroom your local building department requires permitting. It is not just for tax purposes, it is also…Read More

  9. My sump pump keeps running but there’s no water in the sump pump well, what could be causing this?

    The problem is most likely your float valve is stuck. Every pump is made differently and each float valve works differently. You can try to free the float valve and clean it but either way, I would recommend having Home Services Direct over to look at it so you can feel comfortable that your basement doesn’t flood due to a faulty sump pump.…Read More

  10. What is the best bang for my buck for a dated interior?

    Depending on the decade of course (lime green toilets or orange shag anyone?), the lowest cost items that can really give it an updated look: 1. Replacing outdated light fixtures. 2. Paint yellow toned metals (A brass fireplace insert looks amazing painted oil rubbed bronze!). 3. Add or replace crown molding, base or trim. 4. Replace plumbing fixtures/appliances. 5. Paint or replace dated cabinets…Read More