Home Services Direct is led by a team of professionals in the home remodeling and construction fields, with each general contractor having a minimum of 10 years of experience (and most over 20 years).  No matter if you’re remodeling your interior with a large kitchen or small bathroom remodel, or you’re painting your exterior or need a deck builder, we can do it. With over 600 homes built and several thousand home remodeling projects under our belt, there’s very little that we haven’t seen.

Our motto is “We don’t just build projects, we build relationships!”  This motto is where we start the whole process; we build a relationship first and work on the project second.  It’s how we become your preferred contractor for life and keeps you coming to us for each and every job, big or small; as well as referring your family and friends for our services.

Our team’s knowledge of the overall building, deconstruction and reconstruction process is second to none.  Although the entire team has a plethora of knowledge, we ensure we have just the right person for your personality and taste to work with you on your projects.


Our full-time staff is comprised of Sales, Estimating, Design, Project Management and Administrative professionals as well as numerous field personnel. Our in-house staff manages and supports our efforts to effectively bring your project to completion on time and on budget.  It’s not only important that we have a qualified full-time staff, but that we have built strong, sustainable relationships in the industry as well.  Our network of subcontractors is the best in the area and has been working with us for years.  Each one of our subcontractors has been evaluated for their work performance in quality and timeliness as well as background checks for each employee.  These individuals and companies are extensions of our organizations and are an integral part of our company’s mission in home remodeling, so we are continually working with them to make a better partnership.


During the entire process, from initial contact at your home to the final walk at completion, we ensure you are fully informed in what we are doing, when we are doing it and any issues that may arise.  We use all available means to ensure you are always fully informed so there are no surprises.  We can even assign you a customer login through our website portal to follow your project throughout.  If any issue arises that is of concern, you can reach out to the owner who takes note of every job done by our company.

Value-Engineering Ideas

With all the experience of our staff and personnel who are extensions of our company, we constantly look at every facet of your home improvement project to ensure we have value-engineered each area to keep costs in control.  We look at space planning and use the most modern means to give you, the client, as many perspectives of how the finished project will look as reasonable.  We give you choices in styles and layouts and inform you of any areas of savings.  Sometimes moving a wall just a few inches can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and give you just as good a finished project.


When it comes to any relationship, trust plays one of the biggest roles.  Home Services Direct values this principal as highly as any and ensures each employee understands that without you, the customer, their job doesn’t exist.  It’s embedded in the very soul of our company and has led to some of our most valued customers giving us a key to their homes and the access codes to their garage entrances, entrusting us inside one of their most treasured belongings.  When our employees show up, they know that courtesy and professionalism is at the forefront of our success and you can trust that they will treat you and your home in just such a way.


When you’re ready to experience the ultimate in home renovation in Rolling Meadows and the Chicago area, give Home Services Direct a call. We’ll all be glad you did!