When it comes to home maintenance services, is a regular maintenance plan or a seasonal maintenance plan more beneficial? Truthfully, a well-maintained home needs both. 

Regular Maintenance for Your Home Around Chicago and Its’ Suburbs

Regularly scheduled maintenance is important for establishing the habit of properly maintaining your home. Plus, regular maintenance appointments by a local handyman allow our team of skilled professionals to spot small issues in your home before they balloon out and become catastrophic (and expensive!) issues. For instance, are you clogged gutter going to cause your basement to floor and require expensive water damage restoration and mold removal? If we’re there to unclog the gutter, the catastrophic problem never occurs. And as long as you have a schedule established, it doesn’t matter if you have us take care of several tasks or just a few. Our team is here for you. 

Season Maintenance Is Important for the Longevity of the System and Infrastructure of Your Home

A lot of important home maintenance happens to take place around the turn of the seasons. In Autumn, your job is to prepare your home for Winter. During Spring, you can assess any damage that took place in snowy months and get it repaired before the blazing heat of Summer. Exterior maintenance is especially important during the change of the seasons, but it can be a convenient time for our handyman service to check on internal systems like HVAC, plumbing, and more. 

Call Home Services Direct for Your Regular and Seasonal Maintenance

Whichever route you opt for, remember that some maintenance tasks need to be handled monthly and others seasonally for the health and security of your home. We can help you set up a maintenance plan that works for your home. For more details, contact us online or via phone today!