Basement flooding is a common issue for many Chicago and suburban homes. Unfortunately, many homeowners think that water removal and a simple clean-up is enough after they’ve experienced flooding. That isn’t true! When you’ve had flooding in your home, especially in the basement, it’s an invitation to discoloration and mildew if the moisture isn’t properly taken care of immediately. You have about 24 to 48 hours before mildew starts to take over, and that can lead to major health problems for both you and your family.

Our Water Remediation Specialists Can Help

In Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, Home Services Direct has remediation specialists on our team who know how to safely perform mold and mildew removal and prevent it from coming back. When you give us a call, we get to work immediately.

  1. We’ll identify the source of the flooding and put a stop to it (if it hasn’t stopped already) and then we’ll work to help prevent flooding in the future.
  2. Next we’ll dry out the area, removing the moisture and then begin work on the damaged areas.
  3. Finally, we’ll treat the affected areas to industry standards so you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew after we have completed the remediation.

Our team has the experience and know-how to take care of flooding and stop the growth of mold and mildew in your home.

Take Steps to Prevent Flooding in Your Chicago Home

Flooding can cause thousands of dollars of damage in water damage restoration, not to mention put the health and safety of your family at risk. Make sure you take steps to prevent flooding in your home:

  • Clean your gutters regularly
  • Keep roofs in good repair
  • Ensure landscaping slopes away from the building
  • Keep air conditioners in good repair
  • Lower the humidity inside your home
  • If you spot moisture where it shouldn’t be, call our team right away

Call Home Services Direct today and make an appointment. We’ll take care of your flooding problems right away!