The faster you can turn over your rental unit, the more money it will make for you. One of the things that drops the occupancy rate the fastest for landlords is the rental turnover process. When one renter moves out, you need to ensure the property is ready before the next renter moves in. It’s not just a matter of being nice, it’s a matter of getting more money for your unit. The nicer your rental unit looks after the previous renter moves out, the more money you can get for your space. Unfortunately, this cleanup process can take a serious amount of time as you’ll need to coordinate with various companies and contractors to get it all done — unless you call Home Services Direct. We’re the Chicago company who can complete all of your necessary general contractor and handyman services to get your next renter in sooner!

One Call Takes Care of Your Complete Cleaning and Handyman Services Needs:

  • Safety checks on smoke and Co2 detectors as well as other systems in the home
  • Removal of debris left by previous renters
  • Painting all interior walls, ceilings and doors
  • Carpets and tile surfaces steam cleaned
  • All surfaces, including windows and baseboards, cleaned
  • Repair on drywall
  • Re-caulking of wet areas

Home Services Direct is Your One-Stop for Rental Home Turnover Services

Whether you are getting your property ready to rent or ready to sell, we’ve got the handyman services so you can get it back on the market. Give our Chicago team a call today to set up your rental turnover service appointment today!