If you’re looking to simplify and streamline your home rehabilitation, we’re here to help. Just follow these steps to make the process simpler.

1) Find a Federal Housing Administration approved lender. Once you’re pre-approved for a 203(k) loan, you’ll have the funds needed for the purchase and repair costs.

2) Pick Home Services Direct as your contractor. We’ve got over 25 years of experience in the industry and we fully understand the 203(k) program. Our specialists will also be able to advise you on mandatory repairs and repairs that will boost the value of your home.

3) Find a “fixer-upper” property and make an offer. Your real estate professional will be able to help you with feasibility analysis. Make sure the contract states that the buyer is seeking a 203(k) loan and that the contract is contingent upon loan approval.

4) Appraise the property. We’ll be able to help you with that, plus you’ll need a scope of work and estimate of costs in order to get credit for all the work planned.

5) The loan is approved and closed. However, make sure the loan has a contingency that includes up to 20% of the total costs in case an unplanned issue arises during construction.

6) Begin construction and payments after closing. Remember that you can opt to have a maximum of 6 months of mortgage payments put into the cost of rehabilitation if you’re not planning on living there during construction.

7) Disbursement and payment of loan funds. These escrowed funds will be released to Home Services Direct in a series of draw requests for completed work. To ensure completion, 10% of each draw will be held back. The funds will be paid back after the lender determines that there are no liens on the property.

8) Celebrate your new dream home. It’s time to show it off to your friends and family and start enjoying it!

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