1. Choosing the Best Location for Your Home Addition Project Part Two

    Have you had to sacrifice your office, study, or library for a child’s bedroom? Are you tired of trying to make a small kitchen work for your growing family? Are your children becoming too old to comfortably share a room together? A home addition is a cost-effective solution to many problems such as these. In part one of this post, we looked at a couple of things to consider when choosing a loca…Read More

  2. Choosing the Best Location for Your Home Addition Project Part One

    Homeowners decide to add onto their homes for a variety of reasons. A small kitchen can become impractical for a growing family; spaces like offices, libraries, and studies are often sacrificed when a couple becomes pregnant and needs a nursery; and some homeowners even build entire apartment additions in order to house in-laws or rent-paying tenants. Whatever’s motivating your home addition pro…Read More

  3. Bathrooms 2016: 9 Exciting ideas to think about when designing your new bathroom!

    It is always fun to start the process of looking at different websites, talking to friends, and going to the various home stores to start putting together a plan for redoing your bathroom.  You will soon discover that there are far more options out there than you even realize and all of the information can soon become overwhelming.  Honestly, there are just too many choices.   Fortunately, …Read More