Spring has sprung and you are now ready to start that home remodel project you have been thinking about all winter long.  Maybe it is your kitchen, your bathroom, your basement or possibly it is some combination of all of the above.  Regardless of your home remodeling project you have on your agenda the first step is not picking the color of your walls in your transformed room.  No, the toughes…Read More

  2. Remodeling: Change Orders Need Not be Feared

    For homeowners who haven’t lived through a remodeling project but who have heard their neighbors and friends’ horror stories, the term “change order” has a pretty lousy connotation, right up there with “no-show contractor” and “limited warranty.”  But these documents, which record changes in the contract between the client and the contractor, need not be feared. To be honest, a re…Read More

  3. Day lighting Systems – Let the sun shine in!

    With the winter months right around the corner wouldn’t it be nice to bring a little more sun into your day?  With a new Solatube skylight you can create more natural light in those dark areas throughout your home.  Whether it is a hallway, a bathroom, a master bedroom or maybe even a master bedroom closet, natural sunlight can transform a dark room into a bright and beautiful room. This is no…Read More