1. Give the Gift of Sun!

      Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who seems to have everything? They are the most difficult to shop for! You rack your brain trying to do better than last year or try to bring them some surprise and excitement! I have the perfect solution…. The gift of the sun!!! I’m talking about giving the perfect gift of a Solatube Daylighting Device installed in that room in the house they …Read More

  2. Home Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities – Part 2

    In my previous blog, we had touched on the fact that living and enjoying your home while disabled can be one of the most challenging aspects of daily life.  Common tasks like making a sandwich for lunch or going to the bathroom can not only be exhausting, but also straining on moral.  Last time, we spoke about ideas that could be implemented for the kitchen and bathroom that would make common ta…Read More

  3. Home Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities – Part 1

    Owning a home can be one of the more satisfying investments in a person’s life, but for seniors aging in place and/or individuals with disabilities, a standard home can be far from livable and enjoyable.  It’s important to make sure that the home environment for those with disabilities provides the support they need to lead a safe and happy life.  After all, a home is only really a home if i…Read More

  4. Home Decor: The 90’s are making a comeback!

    Design trends just like fashion will come and go.  Trends will fluctuate in and out every 20 years or so which can be advantageous to those remodeling.  The current design trends coming back into style for 2016 are from the 1990’s.  We at HSD see a lot of 1990 homes being remodeled so if budget is a concern we can still utilize some of the trends below with a more modern look to create your n…Read More

  5. Hire a Contractor or DIY: Just Youtube it!?

    I am absolutely amazed at what you can find on Youtube these days.  It used to be that we had to buy the product and read the instruction before we could get an idea of how to do something.  Now anybody can go to Youtube and find just about anything you are looking for.  You want to learn how to install a new GFCI outlet in your bathroom, or how to properly paint a room, you can go to Youtube a…Read More

  6. Earth Day: April 22nd 2016 Turn Off Your Lights !

    This year marks the 46th year that the world has celebrated earth day! For years many have celebrated this day by enjoying an outdoor festival or concert, planting a tree, or picking up roadside trash.  Often this day is a reminder to all of us how delicate and precious the world is around us.  It’s a reminder that all have a stake in the future, preservation and health of our world. Some pay …Read More


    Spring has sprung and you are now ready to start that home remodel project you have been thinking about all winter long.  Maybe it is your kitchen, your bathroom, your basement or possibly it is some combination of all of the above.  Regardless of your home remodeling project you have on your agenda the first step is not picking the color of your walls in your transformed room.  No, the toughes…Read More

  8. Home Improvement Projects: PRO’S vs. DIYers

    Viewing the finished product of a home remodel, designed and built by professionals is inspiring, exciting, and delivers the best transformation of spaces. But it’s far from an easy process, as even an expert re-modeler will tell you. While one of the most compelling reasons behind D.I.Y. remodeling is the cost savings, there are many benefits to hiring a professional for your home renovation pr…Read More


    REPURPOSE/REUSE   Lots of us think of buying new items to replace new with the old; however, you can save money and repurpose an old item.  Even if you do not have the tools necessary to do so you can find someone local like us to repurpose your old dresser or vanity to any other household item.  Need fresh new ideas check us out on social media to revamp your place.     SOLAR PAN…Read More

  10. Options For Paving Your Driveway

    When it comes to curb appeal, most of us automatically think about a green lawn, a well-maintained home exterior, and a solid fence, but an old or unpaved driveway can be just as detrimental to your home’s curb appeal as dead grass or peeling paint. If your home’s exterior could use a boost, consider paving or repaving your driveway. While concrete is a versatile and long-lasting paving materi…Read More