1. Give the Gift of Sun!

      Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who seems to have everything? They are the most difficult to shop for! You rack your brain trying to do better than last year or try to bring them some surprise and excitement! I have the perfect solution…. The gift of the sun!!! I’m talking about giving the perfect gift of a Solatube Daylighting Device installed in that room in the house they …Read More

  2. Stairway to heaven

    If you are like me, you are always looking for different ways to leave your “mark” on your home.  When guests enter your home you want them to know and feel your personality from the time they arrive until the time they leave.  One way to do this might be to Jazz up that staircase.  Sure you can go with your traditional carpet, oak treads with oak risers, or oak treads with white painted ri…Read More

  3. Retro Decor: These Vintage Trends are Making a Comeback!

      Vintage Comeback Another big trend hitting 2016 is mixing vintage with modern/contemporary decor to create an eclectic, worldly and uniquely personal look.  Lots of clients are looking to add a touch of vintage to their newly remodeled project at Home Services Direct with furniture, finishes and/or color.  Design is always in the details and adding accent pieces to keep up with the trends is…Read More

  4. Home Decor: The 90’s are making a comeback!

    Design trends just like fashion will come and go.  Trends will fluctuate in and out every 20 years or so which can be advantageous to those remodeling.  The current design trends coming back into style for 2016 are from the 1990’s.  We at HSD see a lot of 1990 homes being remodeled so if budget is a concern we can still utilize some of the trends below with a more modern look to create your n…Read More

  5. Paint Your Room Bright!

    Spring has finally arrived.  The sun is out it’s getting warmer and we feel our energy and motivation getting stronger.  We’ve made it through yet another Chicago winter and feel we’ve won the battle once again. Spring cleanup has begun with our yard and shrubs.  Flowers and bushes are in bloom, and all the signs of spring are here to stay! Home improvement projects get listed out as we p…Read More


    Choosing the right bathtub used to be between a few options but with the current styles and trends nowadays, choosing the right bathtub can be a nightmare weeding through all the details.  Below are a few items to consider when remodeling your bathroom and selecting the perfect bathtub. Types of Bathtubs 3-Wall Alcove This bathtub is a standard option seen in most 5’x8’ bathrooms.  The batht…Read More

  7. Empty Spaces: More than just stairs!

        In today’s age where space is at a premium, contractors are creating innovative ways to maximize every inch of your home.  One of these new and exciting ideas that is currently becoming popular is utilizing the “dead” space under your stairs.  Below are examples of this creative new look for maximizing this space.   1. No mudroom to store shoes and jackets?   2. A perfect home for …Read More

  8. Maximizing Tiny Spaces

    Multipurpose Furniture & Rooms If you are struggling for space, looking at multipurpose furniture like day beds or Murphy Beds are just one example on how to achieve more space.  You create more space while keeping it functional.  Combining rooms also helps achieve additional space and/or rooms especially in small apartments or studios.  You can eat, sleep and hang out all in one space as s…Read More

  9. Decorative Lighting: Ideas, Inspirations and Tips

    Did you know Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb? The light bulb was invented in 1801 by Humphry Davy. Many other inventors followed: James Bowman Lindsay, Warren de le Rue, Frederick DeMoleyns, John Wellington Starr, Alexander Lodygin, William E. Sawyer, Albon Man, Hiram Stevens Maxim, and James Wilson Swan, but none of their bulbs were effective for everyday use. Thomas Edison, with assi…Read More

  10. ‘Tis The Season: Top Five Must Haves

    Candles Create the right type of ambience for your holiday parties this year.  Lights on dimmers are the best along with your white Christmas lights; however, candles (regular or flameless) can be used to create a nice natural glow amoung the holiday décor.  Frameless candles can be operated by remote controls these days and come in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from.  If you have a f…Read More