1. Hire a Contractor or DIY: Just Youtube it!?

    I am absolutely amazed at what you can find on Youtube these days.  It used to be that we had to buy the product and read the instruction before we could get an idea of how to do something.  Now anybody can go to Youtube and find just about anything you are looking for.  You want to learn how to install a new GFCI outlet in your bathroom, or how to properly paint a room, you can go to Youtube a…Read More

  2. Remodeling: Prepare for the Unexpected

    It is always important when preparing for a home remodeling project, to be ready for the unexpected. By preparing yourself for issues that were not anticipated, you can stay one step ahead. It is also recommended to include extra in your time frame and budget should any unforeseen issues arise. Some examples of issues that could be found: Uncovering wiring that has been Jerry-rigged inside the wal…Read More