1. Empty Spaces: More than just stairs!

        In today’s age where space is at a premium, contractors are creating innovative ways to maximize every inch of your home.  One of these new and exciting ideas that is currently becoming popular is utilizing the “dead” space under your stairs.  Below are examples of this creative new look for maximizing this space.   1. No mudroom to store shoes and jackets?   2. A perfect home for …Read More

  2. Reclaimed Wood: Add flair and your personal touch to your remodeling project (I did with reclaimed wood).

    Who would have thought that a Saturday morning bike ride this summer in the Illinois countryside would end up providing us with so many wonderful additions to our home!   The weather was perfect and as is almost always the case, the scenery was extraordinary.  The trees were full of summer life and the long grass was waving gently from the morning breeze as the sun was warming the day.  My wif…Read More

  3. Remodeling: Design Tools

    Long ago are the days we used manual drafting tools.  This is not a lost art yet; however, most try to create designs efficiently by using computer programs.  Now with a click of the mouse, you can create not only a space plan but also a 3D rendering in a matter of hours versus days.  Technology plays a big role in the improvement of time which makes design presentations a much smoother process…Read More

  4. Remodeling: Change Orders Need Not be Feared

    For homeowners who haven’t lived through a remodeling project but who have heard their neighbors and friends’ horror stories, the term “change order” has a pretty lousy connotation, right up there with “no-show contractor” and “limited warranty.”  But these documents, which record changes in the contract between the client and the contractor, need not be feared. To be honest, a re…Read More

  5. Remodeling: Prepare for the Unexpected

    It is always important when preparing for a home remodeling project, to be ready for the unexpected. By preparing yourself for issues that were not anticipated, you can stay one step ahead. It is also recommended to include extra in your time frame and budget should any unforeseen issues arise. Some examples of issues that could be found: Uncovering wiring that has been Jerry-rigged inside the wal…Read More