1. Paint Your Room Bright!

    Spring has finally arrived.  The sun is out it’s getting warmer and we feel our energy and motivation getting stronger.  We’ve made it through yet another Chicago winter and feel we’ve won the battle once again. Spring cleanup has begun with our yard and shrubs.  Flowers and bushes are in bloom, and all the signs of spring are here to stay! Home improvement projects get listed out as we p…Read More

  2. Remodeling: Prepare for the Unexpected

    It is always important when preparing for a home remodeling project, to be ready for the unexpected. By preparing yourself for issues that were not anticipated, you can stay one step ahead. It is also recommended to include extra in your time frame and budget should any unforeseen issues arise. Some examples of issues that could be found: Uncovering wiring that has been Jerry-rigged inside the wal…Read More

  3. Basement Remodel: How to Get the Most Out of Your Interior Living Space

    As the fall season approaches we turn our focus to the inside of our homes. Maybe you have been talking about doing it for years now or maybe this will spark an idea, either way now is the perfect time to start thinking about turning your dark cluttered basement into a comfortable and functional space your family and guests will enjoy for years to come.  If it’s the ultimate basement with all t…Read More