1. Give the Gift of Sun!

      Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who seems to have everything? They are the most difficult to shop for! You rack your brain trying to do better than last year or try to bring them some surprise and excitement! I have the perfect solution…. The gift of the sun!!! I’m talking about giving the perfect gift of a Solatube Daylighting Device installed in that room in the house they …Read More

  2. Paint Your Room Bright!

    Spring has finally arrived.  The sun is out it’s getting warmer and we feel our energy and motivation getting stronger.  We’ve made it through yet another Chicago winter and feel we’ve won the battle once again. Spring cleanup has begun with our yard and shrubs.  Flowers and bushes are in bloom, and all the signs of spring are here to stay! Home improvement projects get listed out as we p…Read More

  3. Earth Day: April 22nd 2016 Turn Off Your Lights !

    This year marks the 46th year that the world has celebrated earth day! For years many have celebrated this day by enjoying an outdoor festival or concert, planting a tree, or picking up roadside trash.  Often this day is a reminder to all of us how delicate and precious the world is around us.  It’s a reminder that all have a stake in the future, preservation and health of our world. Some pay …Read More

  4. Day lighting Systems – Let the sun shine in!

    With the winter months right around the corner wouldn’t it be nice to bring a little more sun into your day?  With a new Solatube skylight you can create more natural light in those dark areas throughout your home.  Whether it is a hallway, a bathroom, a master bedroom or maybe even a master bedroom closet, natural sunlight can transform a dark room into a bright and beautiful room. This is no…Read More