Society is changing, and it’s changing fast. Life expectancy continues to increase, as does the cost of care and housing. More elderly are moving in with younger family members or remaining in their homes today than in the past. In Universal Design a home is designed to accommodate each member of your family as well as any guest, at the present and for years to come. Since the family dynamic is changing, the living dynamic must also change. Universal Design is a way to make everyone comfortable in your home, whether you live in Chicago or its surrounding suburbs! 

Let Home Services Direct Use Universal Design to Create a Home You All Love

How does this type of home renovation work? Universal Design is the method of modifying a home so that all members of the family are accommodated, including your guests. It’s a way of accommodating the needs of today’s multigenerational family and doing so in a way that’s comfortable and stylish. Today’s Universal Design home is embraced by young families anticipating their needs over decades. It’s not just turning it into a handicap accessible home…it’s utilized by active members of the “baby boomer” generation who wish to live independently and be prepared for any possible mobility and health issues. The Universal home is a valuable asset to any client

Among the benefits of Universal Design are:

  • Through equitable use, all occupants receive safety, privacy and security.
  • Designs are flexible and versatile for every taste, preference and ability.
  • Design is simple and intuitive, easy for anyone.
  • Necessary information is clearly communicated through the design.
  • Through quality design, risks and hazards are minimized.
  • The design is efficient and requires minimal physical effort.
  • An open floor plan accommodates users of all sizes and abilities.

Along with all of that, Universal Design homes remove barriers and makes it easier for family members with disabilities. Bottom line, it’s a home that’s designed for everyone, including you.

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